Hello World

My mother worked in a library. She used to take me with her to her job. There I would spend hours wondering in the book storage, playing with my toys and projecting pictures from my mind into a dim space among narrow aisles surrounded by tall dusty bookshelves.

One day, when I got old enough to start trying to read I picked a tiny book from one of those shelves. That book was about robotics and primitive instructions describing how to make them from the scrap that could be easily found around. The proposed projects would produce something barely reminding to the modern robots. Anyway, it was enough to put a seed into my head that I have been bringing there for a while.

So now, when I have some experience in web development, knowledge and resources I hope that the seed will finally grow into some meaningful experiments and useful projects in the Robotics and adjacent spheres like Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision.